Export Manager

In these times of globalisation, interesting opportunities open up for small and medium-sized enterprises for “conquering” new markets. The level of innovation, the product parameters, and the quality of German SMEs are often unrivalled. To make use of this advantage on the international market, often against much larger competitors, requires skilled personnel, such as export managers and sales managers. To meet this requirement for highly skilled professionals, the International SEPT Program of Leipzig University, in collaboration with CONOSCOPE GmbH, offers further education courses for Export Managers.

The goal of the course is to build on the company’s existing knowledge of international marketing of their own product through teaching skills and methods in the areas of planning and managing export activities, international negotiation, and intercultural competencies, amongst others. 

A central element of the course is its immediate practical application. The individual tools and methods are illustrated with concrete examples from the participant’s business and culminate in the development of an export plan for their company.

Manager Training

Fit for Partnership with Germany

Senior and middle management from companies in partner countries receive further training in Germany through the BMWi (German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy) manager training program. The goal of the program is to strengthen the management and cooperation competencies, as well as setting up initial business contacts in Germany. 

As official contractor of the GIZ, FIT4export, in collaboration with CONOSCOPE GmbH and the CEFE International GmbH, conducts trainings for managers in the areas of intercultural management, negotiation skills, and international project management.

Manager Training Tools

  • Collaborative project
  • Management training 
  • Learning in a company
  • Setting up of business contacts
  • Networking

Current Projects

BMWi manager training program
EMAT in collaboration with the Hinrichs Foundation