The German economy is strongly focussed on export activities, especially large and experienced medium-sized companies. Smaller companies, however, do not always utilise the potential that international markets offer. Nevertheless, internationalisation offers many opportunities for entering new markets and finding new suppliers: more employees, higher profits, and greater innovation potential. Currently this is especially relevant when considering the developing and growing markets such as the emerging economies of Asia, South America, and in the transition states of Eastern Europe.As partner, we consult and support small and medium-sized enterprises though all phases of their internationalisation activities.

International Market Research

Internationalisation is important to stay competitive. We offer regional expert knowledge and business competencies of young professionals from the target markets.

Development of International Business Models

Focus on international entrepreneurship: In addition to supporting local start-ups, we also support entrepreneurs who want to enter international markets with their business idea, as well as local and international companies wanting to establish new markets and cooperation opportunities.

Start Export Online

Our Export Online Check offers companies the opportunity to identify the strengths and weaknesses of using the internet for international marketing and export management.