IRI – Iran Innovates

Innovation through education

The aim of the project Iran Innovates IRI is to initiate innovation processes in vocational training in Iran. Demand-oriented vocational training programs will be developed in this project that give graduates the skills to identify processes of their companies that can be improved, as well as adapting products, services, and business models to the demands of the current market.

In collaboration with the ZAW (Zentrum für Aus- und Weiterbildung Leipzig GmbH), awareness is created amongst Iranian vocational training providers about demand-driven vocational and further training. New programs are developed together, as well as enabling the local trainers to conduct workshops themselves. A further education program being developed in IRI is the Industrial Change agent. Here Iranian employees and students who have completed their vocational training are qualified as change agents for innovation and change in businesses. The research component of IRI investigates the potential of integrating dual vocational training in Iran and the opportunities for collaborating with German partners. In addition, the future role of employees with vocational training within the Iranian innovation system is highlighted and further recommendation are made.

IRI Team

IRI at a glance

  • Implementation of demand-oriented vocational and further training
  • Further training for teachersVocational and further training
  • Export of the dual vocational training model
  • Teacher training and qualification
  • Innovation and continuous improvement processes
  • University-business linkages


Philip Friebel

Philip Friebel

Manager International Business Development
Alireza Ansari

Alireza Ansari

Business and Knowledge Coordinator Iran

Iran Innovates – Innovation through education


Industrial mechanic/ Automobile industry

Target group
Iranian employees

Project partners
International SEPT Program
ZAW – Zentrum für Aus- und Weiterbildung Leipzig GmbH

Project period
01.09.2017 – 31.12.2020