Professional alumni network focussed on China

DC-Hub business and innovation hub Germany-China

The DC-Hub professional network aims to promote internationalisation of industry and academia at Leipzig University and plans to create a nation-wide German alumni network consisting of Chinese and German alumni. DC-Hub is a multiplicator of and coordinator for German-Chinese collaborations with focus on commercial exploitation in order to foster entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, and increasing international trade. DC-Hub has developed several further training programs to enhance the management competencies of alumni, to promote international entrepreneurship, as well as creating networks between companies with an international orientation.


Steve Uhlig

Yi Zhang

DC-Hub business and innovation hub Germany-China


Target group
German and Chinese alumni, born-global start-ups, SMEs

Project partners
International SEPT Program
Konfuzius Institute Leipzig
German and Chinese companies, accelerators, incubators, and co-workingspaces

Project period
01.10.2017 – 31.09.2020

IRI – Iran Innovates

Innovation through education

IRI – Iran Innovates

The aim of the project Iran Innovates IRI is to initiate innovation processes in vocational training in Iran. Demand-oriented vocational training programs will be developed in this project that give graduates the skills to identify processes of their companies that can be improved, as well as adapting products, services, and business models to the demands of the current market. Continue reading “IRI – Iran Innovates”

Alliance for Skilled Professionals – “Fachkräfteallianz”

International highly-skilled professionals for Leipzig

Universities and other tertiary training institutions in Leipzig are becoming more engaged in technology transfer through establishing collaborations with regional companies. Due to the increasing skilled professional and management shortage, as well as concerns from industry about the lack of competencies of graduates in the areas of international business and digitalisation, an early interaction between the different actors is important. Continue reading “Alliance for Skilled Professionals – “Fachkräfteallianz””


Advanced Vocational Training in Vietnam

The FiVe project aims to progressively establish an advanced vocational training program in electrical engineering in Vietnam based on the “Techniker” schooling in Baden-Württemberg in Germany. The long-term goal is to make the German “Techniker” qualification available to Vietnamese graduates. The pilot project of this form of advanced vocational training aims to be approved by the responsible ministry in Vietnam and thus form the basis for the growth of technical colleges in the country. Continue reading “FiVe”